Yumplatok Bible

Welcome to the Electronic form of the Yumplatok Bible!

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Offline Standalone Version of this site:
The Yumplatok Bible and Concordance can be downloaded and installed for later use offline. Select which file below you wish to download, the Audio version file contains the files necessary for playing audio but is significantly larger to download:
Yumplatok Standalone Bible.msi (2MB).
Yumplatok Standalone Bible with Audio (111MB)

Program Installation instructions:
Download and run the installation file from the link above and confirm all prompts during the process. Once installed, a shortcut to the offline Bible will be placed on both the computer desktop and in the Start Menu under the group AuSIL. At this time, there is no support for installing on Mac.

Mp3 Recordings of the books of Mark and Colossians for listening or select the link to download the MP3 file for future playback.

Mak Sapta 1            8Mb

Mak Sapta 2            5Mb

Mak Sapta 3            5Mb

Mak Sapta 4            6Mb

Mak Sapta 5            6Mb

Mak Sapta 6            10Mb

Mak Sapta 7            6Mb

Mak Sapta 8            6Mb

Mak Sapta 9            7Mb

Mak Sapta 10            8Mb

Mak Sapta 11            6Mb

Mak Sapta 12            8Mb

Mak Sapta 13            6Mb

Mak Sapta 14            12Mb

Mak Sapta 15            7Mb

Mak Sapta 16            4Mb

Buk blo Kolosi Yumplatok Sapta 1            6Mb

Buk blo Kolosi Yumplatok Sapta 2            5Mb

Buk blo Kolosi Yumplatok Sapta 3            4Mb

Buk blo Kolosi Yumplatok Sapta 4            3Mb